What to Bring

Many of the collections are in unheated buildings or are outside, so please wear weather and seasonally appropriate clothing, and comfortable walking shoes. You might also consider bringing some sunscreen.

Handicap accessibility to some of the exhibits is limited and many of the paths between the exhibits are gravel or dirt covered. We do have a golf cart that can be used to help handicap persons get around. If you need to use it, please call us to check on it's availablity.

Plan to spend a couple of hours or more, there is lots to see. If you don't see it all the first time, you are always welcome to come back.

Enjoy your chance to be away from everyday distractions.  The "Lawson's Legacy" Museum is in rural Idaho along the Snake River.

Where to Eat

No food service is available at the "Lawson's Legacy" Museum, so you should bring your own lunch if you plan to stay an extended time. There are picnic tables on site and drinks are for sale.

If you have a group that would like to use our picnic area for a party, reunion or just a visit, please contact us through our Contact Page by phone. Our picnic area can handle a group of around 100.

The closest restaurant to the "Lawson's Legacy" Museum is in Grand View, seven miles away. Details on other restaurants in the Emu-Z-UM area can be found at our Restaurants link.

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